With so many different maternity and nursing bra styles on the market, choosing the right one for your budget, style and size can be tricky. Read on for some real mama maternity and nursing bra reviews, to help you choose the best bra for you and find your perfect fit.
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I like their nursing bra so much that I am coming back to buy it again. What makes their nursing bra so different and worth your money is the quality!

Hi PL, That's great to hear! Quality definitely makes a difference, especially with something as essential as a nursing bra. Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

Love it

Hi Haley, I'm glad to hear you're happy with your bra! Thanks for your review.

Really good

Hi Haley, It's fantastic to hear you're happy with your bra! Finding the right one can be such a relief. xoxo

Nice bra, very comfortable

Hi Haley,
I'm glad to hear you found the bra comfortable! Finding a comfortable bra can make all the difference. Thanks

Wanted to like this bra, but despite buying it in the size recommended and not having issues with other bras I had in this size, it just didnu2019t fit right. I wouldnu2019t recommend this bra if youu2019ve got very even fullness or center fullness- I was constantly falling out of it

Hi Brooke, I'm sorry to hear that the bra didn't work out for you. It can be frustrating when something doesn't fit as expected, especially when you've followed the sizing recommendations. Your feedback about the fit and suitability for certain breast shapes is valuable for others considering this product. If you need any assistance finding a bra that better suits your needs, feel free to reach out. Thanks

Fits fairly nicely. Very comfortable

Hi Brooke, Glad to hear that it fits nicely and feels comfortable! If you need any further assistance or recommendations, feel free to ask. xoxo

This bra is an absolute life saver. I went from a DDD pre-baby to a J cup in the first few days following the birth of my son and I was scrambling to find a bra that was comfortable and supportive. The wide band has so many notches that I was able to find the perfect fit. I found the sizing to be accurate compared to my American size. I had to order another color because itu2019s the only bra that fits postpartum.

Hi Frankie, It's wonderful to hear that you found a bra that's been such a game-changer for you during this transformative time! Going through such a significant change in size can be daunting, but finding a comfortable and supportive bra can make all the difference. It sounds like the adjustable band really came through for you in terms of finding the perfect fit. And how great that the sizing matched up well with your expectations! It's always a relief when things fit as expected, especially during such a crucial time. Here's to feeling comfortable and supported as you navigate this new chapter!

This bra is near-perfect. I grew from a DDD pre-baby to a J in the first few days after my son was born and none of the nursing bras I bought fit. The popping candy bra is really comfortable and supportive. My only complaint is I wish the straps were more secure; I never criss cross my straps in the back so this is not a feature Iu2019m interested in and I find the straps pop out of the hook too easily

Hi Frankie, It's fantastic to hear that the Popping Candy bra has provided you with comfort and support during this transitional period. Dealing with straps that don't stay in place can indeed be frustrating, but your feedback is valuable and could contribute to future improvements in design.

The Rock Candy bra is super soft and comfortable - perfect for around the house! I do find that I spill out the top of the bra a little, otherwise I'd happily wear it out (I'm a 16DD and bought the large).

Hi Taylor,
It's fantastic to hear that you're enjoying the comfort of the Rock Candy bra, especially for lounging around the house. The softness must be a real treat! It's understandable that you'd like to wear it out, but the slight spilling at the top might be a concern. Perhaps trying a different size or style could provide a better fit for wearing it out and about. Nonetheless, it's great to have a bra that's so comfortable for relaxing at home. Thanks for sharing your experience!

I'd been putting off buying nursing bras for ages, because bra sizing can be tricky at the best of times, never mind when you're buying online and whilst pregnant/nursing. But I'm so glad I took the risk and tried Cake bras! The TimTams bra gives me great support and feels so fancy - nothing like the nursing bras I was finding in stores, which lacked a flexi-wire/any real support and made me feel super frumpy. The 16DD (my pregnancy size) fits snugly but not too tight!

Hi Taylor, It's wonderful to hear that Cake bras have been a game-changer for you during pregnancy and nursing! The TimTams bra sounds like a real winner, providing both support and a touch of luxury. It's a relief to find something that fits well and feels good, especially when traditional options were leaving you feeling less than fabulous. Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

I'd been putting off buying nursing bras for ages, because bra sizing can be tricky at the best of times, never mind when you're buying online and whilst pregnant/nursing. But I'm so glad I took the risk and tried Cake bras! The Croissant bra is so comfy, so supportive, and sits great under a t-shirt. I've had trouble with cups fitting my breast shape in the past, but this bra fits my shape perfectly! I bought a 16DD, which was my pregnancy size, and the fit is still great now that I'm nursing.

Hi Taylor, I'm thrilled to hear that Cake bras worked out so well for you, especially considering the challenges of online sizing and the changes your body undergoes during pregnancy and nursing. The Croissant bra sounds like a real winner, offering both comfort and support while maintaining a great fit under clothing. It's fantastic that it accommodates your breast shape perfectly, too! Thanks for sharing your positive experience.

Size XL in larger cup sizes. Typically wear 40 DD or 2XL. This bra fits comfortably.

Hi Victoria , It's awesome to hear that this bra fits comfortably for you. Finding the right fit can make all the difference

I lived in this bra my with my first so thought I would get an updated one for my second.

Hi Victoria , 'I hear you! Finding the perfect bra for those mom duties is essential. Here's to new beginnings with your second!'

This is my favourite nursing bra- itu2019s in between a full wired bra and the soft ones you first wear postpartum so you donu2019t feel constricted and can easily feed but are still fully supported even with a big chest.

Hi Kirsten, That sounds like the dream combo for a nursing bra! Comfort and support are key, especially with a big chest. It's great you found something that works so well for you.

Very nice bra and just so comfortable

Hi Jessie C, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your new bra! Comfort is definitely a priority when it comes to undergarments, and it's great to find one that meets that need while also being stylish. Thank you

This is very form flattering and comfortable. Love it even after pregnancy.

Hi Jessie C, 'I'm thrilled to hear that you're finding the garment so flattering and comfortable! It's wonderful to have clothing that not only looks good but also feels great, especially during and after pregnancy when comfort is key. Thank you for sharing your positive experience!'

Love the fit, worked thru pregnancy and now fits 2 weeks postpartum, and has held up well. Only downside is that the fabric under the arms irritates my skin a little bit, which is why I didn't give 5 stars.

Hi Marika, Thank you for sharing your feedback! We're thrilled to hear that our product has been a reliable choice for you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey. We'll make note of your comment about the fabric under the arms and strive to improve in the future. If you have any further concerns or questions, feel free to reach out.

Love this bra!! I'm not breastfeeding anymore but I still love wearing it. Won't bother buying normal bras when these ones are far more comfy than anything I've worn!

Hi Chelsea, That's wonderful to hear! It's fantastic when a bra is so comfortable that you want to keep wearing it even after breastfeeding. Enjoy the comfort!

This bra is so flattering, comfortable and convenient. It also feels like the sexiest thing I've worn since giving birth! It's nice to have a nursing bra that's a bit more flirty and feminine in your collection!

Hi Rebecca, That sounds fantastic! It's great to hear that you've found a nursing bra that not only provides comfort and convenience but also makes you feel fabulous and confident. Having something flirty and feminine can really boost the mood. Enjoy feeling fabulous!

This pumping bra is made from such a soft, beautiful quality fabric. It is super convenient to wear all day and easy to add pump flanges for hands free pumping when needed!

Hi Rebecca, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the pumping bra! Soft, high-quality fabric can make all the difference, especially for long wear. It's fantastic that it offers the convenience of hands-free pumping while being comfortable for all-day wear. Happy pumping!

I am pregnant and wearing this every day currently, so comfy! Will be imvesting in more ud83eudd2d

Hi Stacey d, Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's wonderful to hear that you're finding the bra so comfortable during this time. Investing in more sounds like a great plan to keep that comfort going. Wishing you all the best on your pregnancy journey!

I was worried about what I was going to use for a nursing bra being a busty 40J and still growing during my pregnancy but then I found Cake Maternity and was so relieved to find something in my size. Granted, I sized up and they still fit great! They're super comfy and exactly what I needed going into my third trimester!

Hi Stephanie, I'm thrilled to hear that you found a solution with Cake Maternity! It's so important to find comfortable options, especially during pregnancy. It's great that they fit well and provide the support you need. Wishing you all the best as you enter your third trimester!

Beautiful colour! good fit - typically a 2xl and fits true to size. I removed the cups as they were creased and wrinkled and looked odd. I will be ordering this in the other colour as well as the tank tops.

Hi Vicky, Thank you for your feedback! It's great to hear that the fit is true to size and that you found the color beautiful. Removing the cups to address the creasing and wrinkling is a clever solution. We're delighted that you're considering ordering in other colors and the tank tops too. Let us know if you need any assistance with your future orders!

My favorite structured bra! This bra makes me feel supported and sexy at the same time. I have 3 kids and have come back each postpartum to purchase.

Hi Nicole, I'm thrilled to hear that you're happy with it! Comfort and stretchiness are definitely essential for an everyday bra. If you need anything else, feel free to reach out!