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New Zealand-based, family owned business that’s
making motherhood simplereasier and greener.

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Haakaa is a New Zealand family owned baby brand that provides parents with safe, natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly baby products online. They are 100% committed to creating stylish, practical and sustainable products that are safe for both our kids and our planet.

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The Haakaa breast pump helps you collect both foremilk and rich hindmilk. Because it’s only a piece of silicone, there’s no electricity nor any cords required.

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Haakaa pumps are silent, lightweight and portable so you can express breast milk anytime and anywhere that’s convenient for you.

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Breastfeeding can require some practice! That’s where Haakaa’s range of accessories, including nipple shields and correctors, comes in.

The Haakaa Story

Our bodies put so much effort into producing food for our babies, which is why it’s so important not to let a single drop go to waste.

The Haakaa Breast Pump is a world-first innovation that’s designed to let mothers express and collect more breast milk than they would otherwise usually let down.

Created by a New Zealand mum, the Haakaa is loved by parents across the world, and is even recommended by professionals! Because it’s so simple to use and so effective, it has made a significant impact on many mothers’ breastfeeding journeys.

The original Haakaa is based off a one-piece silicone design which creates continuous suction once attached to the breast, drawing out your breast milk and collecting every drop of your let-down.